New language technology:

Speak Hungarian In Weeks
Instead of Years

Even if you hate grammar

or have a bad memory

Use a Scientific Discovery
Made in Southern California

Puts 15-20 new words into your vocabulary every day without rote memorization using a technique called language infusion

Forget doing lots of grammar. No more going to boring evening classes, or endless vocab drills. Our technology infuses Hungarian words and sentences into your brain so you can understand, remember and speak it in just weeks and months, not years down the road like typical classroom courses.


This is not just theory. The input method was discovered by linguist Dr. Stephen Krashen at the University of Southern California.


Then developers of our language app took those discoveries and put it into a language technology that allows you to become a fluent speaker of Hungarian shorter than you thought possible.

Language scientist Prof. Stephen Krashen at the University of Southern California discovered the ground-breaking "input hypothesis", allowing you to understand a new language faster than any other method.

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You need to experience how this language infusion works

Use our technology and feel the relief of how easy it is to learn Hungarian now!


This is light-years ahead of most Hungarian classroom teaching,  and the antiquated "book & CD" methods. Our science-based app infuses Hungarian vocabulary into your brain even if you normally have a terrible memory.


We know you will love the feeling of training your brain to understand and speak Hungarian.

You can use your computer browser, phone app or tablet

Use any electronic device you have throughout the day!


What our online course and app do is let you listen to a lot of spoken Hungarian, while you see the words on the screen, and get them translated to English so you can understand them.


When you wish to learn some more about grammar-rules, there are short videos explaining the most important aspects of Hungarian grammar that you need to know. But most of the time you use Hungarian rather than studying facts about it.


In addition to reading and listening, our Online course has fun games and exercises where you have to use the language actively, being ‘forced’ to think in Hungarian. Each activity takes just 5 minutes, a convenient micro-session.


When you are on the go or don't feel like opening your computer, you use the language app on your smartphone (iPhone or Android) or tablet.

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How Much Time Do You Need Daily


Less than you think! If you have 30 to 60 minutes available for language learning daily, you will see very fast progress with your Hungarian.


You should even split that time into several short 5-10 minute micro-sessions during the day (on mobile app or computer browser). With our fun and quick infusion activities you can always squeeze in some fun learning throughout the day in a way that fits your schedule.

Some screenshots of science-based app

Summary of What You Get

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  • Vocabulary

    All the words you need for daily conversation! Our app infuses 2,000 Hungarian words from more than 100 different themes into your brain - exactly what you need for everyday conversations and reading.

  • Pronunciation

    Practice your own pronunciation alone before using the phrases on the "natives". Record your own pronunciation and compare as many times as you want.

  • Grammar

    You do not need as much grammar as you think, but a little bit is quite useful. Our course has short grammar videos and articles that explain just the minimum you need, no more or less.


  • Games

    Fun interactive games like Unscramble, Game Show, and Four Square repeat the material over and over while you're having fun.

Mobile app

An app for iPhone and Android is included in the course and allows you to continue the language learning at any time without sitting in front of your computer.


  Download MP3 files  
You can even download some MP3-files  to your phone and listen without watching, like when cleaning the house or driving a car. Utilize dead time that is otherwise lost.


When you finish each unit in the course, you can download a PDF course certificate that documents your progress with the language.

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